Put simply, our mission is to lift the sales performance of your business. We achieve this by helping sales leaders develop their people and teams. Our services are holistic: a blend of competence-based assessment, skills training, role play, coaching, recruitment and learning, delivered by experienced business leaders.

Every business is different, so we work in partnership with you to get to grips with your modus operandi, goals and objectives. We then offer solutions, models and techniques that can be adapted to your everyday operations. The focus is on performance, but that’s just part of the equation. Ultimately, we deliver change. Our wider goal is to create the kind of robust sales culture that leads to improved results – now and in future.

Psychometric and Behavioural Profiling

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Psychometric and Behavioural Profiling

First, we get a feel for the status quo: your strengths, perceived weaknesses and the challenges ahead. Then we assess the quality or your people using a development centre approach. The route we take depends of the size of the team but, in every case, our aim is to devise a development plan that’s bespoke to your business.

For sales and account managers, we join your people in the field to review their performance with customers – using a pre-agreed set of competencies. The results determine a tailored personal plan focused on identified development needs.

For whole sales teams, this two-to-three-day programme simulates the sales environment by involving colleagues in role play to win a piece of business. Each delegate is then assessed against our competency framework, providing an overall team development plan and one for every individual.

Similar to team analysis, this process uses role play to assess individual competencies and shape the content of a role-specific development plan.

Widely used for recruitment purposes, personality and ability profiling is in fact best used to pinpoint individual development needs. We are licensed and accredited practitioners of Saville Wave and Thomas International tools – among the most respected on the market today.

Psychometric testing has tremendous value as a recruitment and development tool and is proven to help boost your sales team’s individual and combined impact.

But it can’t do everything. For example:

• How do you secure more of that increasingly elusive time with clients and prospects?
• How do you make sure your people say and do the right things when face-to-face with customers?
• And how do you convert that all-too precious face-time into profitable, sustainable sales?

The answer is behavioural profiling.

It’s a highly-effective way to arm your “hunters” and “farmers” with more self-awareness and, critically, to enable them to adapt consciously and methodically to your customers’ and prospects’ preferred ways of working.

Quite simply, it plays to your team’s differing strengths and hones their relationship building skills from the word go. Read more about LIFO® here.

Training and Development

Following assessment, we devise and recommend a bespoke development plan covering core skills, coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams. In addition, we can equip sales managers with the tools to become effective coaches in their own right.

Many organisations wrongly assume their sales people possess natural selling ability. Consequently, they fail to equip teams with the essential skills. Our foundation modules, typically delivered at the client’s office to up to 20 trainees, cover:

• Prospecting
• Relationship Profiling
• Effective Appointments
• Discovery Skills
• Presenting your Proposition
• Objection Handling
• Powerful Proposal Writing
• Presentation Skills
• Gaining Commitment
• Negotiation Skills

For detailed course content, contact us.


Coaching is recognised to be among the most powerful tools to improve performance.

Consensus suggests that effective coaching stimulates sales productivity gains of more than 85%, and a return on investment in the region 27%.
Coaching is an ideal way to embed formal classroom learning. When coaching and training dovetail, the application of new learning rises to more than 80%, compared to just 5% for training alone.

Using accredited techniques from the Institute of Leadership and Management together with our proprietary competency framework, we deliver high-impact one to one coaching – either in the field, or during an individual’s formal performance review. Feedback and management reports are documented.

Managers with strong coaching skills are the most likely to set their teams on the path to high performance. But most have not been trained in effective techniques. Our ‘Coach to Coach’ courses equip them with the skills to support the next generation of achievers.

As a Miller Heiman Independent Sales Consultant, we are licensed to deliver a comprehensive range of programmes from the world’s largest sales performance training firm – renowned for supporting sales teams in complex markets.


Despite the improved retention that comes from training and development, there will always be times when new talent is needed.

Whether it’s to replace persistent under-performers, fill roles left by movers and shakers, or man a rapidly growing business, we recruit in a proactive and timely way – avoiding the cost of lost sales opportunities.

Finding the right people for the right roles can be challenging. Too often, organisations rely on interviews alone.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development suggests that, when interview is supported by role play assessment and psychometric profiling, the likelihood of effective recruitment improves threefold at least.

Role play assessments tailored to your business, including practical scenarios such as securing appointments and presentation skills. Each applicant’s performance is scored against our competency matrix, determining the best candidates for interview.

• Competency profiling, to map the required skills and aptitude for a role
• Psychometric profiling, to match suitable candidates to a role
• Pre-screening of CVs; and telephone interviews
• Senior interviewing, provding guidance for sales leaders and the Board

Alternatively, to avoid the cost of hit-and-miss recruitment, our capabilities are available to human resources departments and external agencies.

Miller Heiman – World Class Methodologies

Cutting-edge solutions from the world’s leading sales performance consultancy. Miller Heiman helps companies and individuals that compete for high-value B2B sales. It enables you to develop strategies, processes and skills to consistently win business – especially when the sales process is complex and the market challenging.

We are among select independent businesses accredited and fully licensed to sell and facilitate the full suite of training programmes. Whether you need to retain and grow existing accounts or accelerate new business growth, the methodology and consultancy is available from Seller Performance.

Strategic Selling®
Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales

Large Account Management Process (LAMP®)
Strategic planning for protecting and growing key accounts

Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions
Sales from the customer’s perspective: building credibility and collaborative solutions

Negotiate Success
Win-win sales negotiations that strengthen customer relationships

Securing Strategic Appointments
Contact strategy for generating appointments

Channel Partner Management
Optimising results from indirect distribution

Executive Impact
Strategy for securing executive approval

Advanced Concepts
Expanding the expertise and effectiveness of the sales professional

Strategic Selling® Funnel Management
Implementing customised funnel management

Predictive Sales Performance
Hiring solutions to build outstanding sales teams

Sales Excellence Assessment
Fact-driven sales management and coaching solutions

Click here for full details, or download our pdf.

• The Miller Heiman Research Institute publishes the annual Sales Best Practices Study. Now in its 10th year, the survey highlights what the world’s top performing sales organisations do differently. And here is a host of other publications and white papers that sales professionals may find useful.

LIFO® – A Complete Performance Improvement Methodology

We are accredited practitioners in the LIFO® methodology.

LIFO® has been used for over 50 years by more than 20,000 organisations of all types and sizes around the world to create high performance cultures.

A positive, non-judgmental system of behaviour profiling, it helps people understand the preferred way they live and work and is used worldwide to increase motivation, employee engagement and productivity – especially in times of stress or challenge.

The LIFO Survey is a self-reporting assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers and the results provide participants with feedback for personal and professional development.

Importantly, it focuses on your strengths – on what’s right about leaders, teams and individuals. By identifying each person’s natural orientation to life and work, it offers powerful learning strategies for greater productivity, increased influence with key people and more effective teamwork.

What makes LIFO® different is its universal reach. It can be applied to all industries and sectors, any team or individual – and every type of client.

LIFO® is also the only high-performance behavioural methodology to lend itself perfectly to the sales environment: enabling your people to understand the behaviours they can use to build stronger relationships and approach a variety of complex sales opportunities with skill and empathy.

This practical management tool enables people to be the best they can. Focusing on what you do rather than who you are, it helps you to:

• work smarter as a team;
• communicate better with each other;
• understand different client cultures, tailor the sales approach, secure more time with existing customers and prospects; and crucially
• adapt to the behaviours of those you seek to influence.

Assess your people’s strengths and natural assets : how do they use their unique blend of “controlling, conserving, supporting and adapting” behaviours?

When you and your team are aware of your behavioural styles and how they can be used in different contexts, you can implement development strategies that have an immediate impact on revenue growth.

“The LIFO Method enables each person’s unique strengths to be understood and applied to best effect.”
Bridget Biggar, managing director of Life Orientations® Ltd (UK, Eire and the Middle East) and a Master Trainer in the Lifo®method (www.lifeorientations.com).

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”
Tao Te Ching

Client Services

When an important sales pitch is declined, you’ll want to understand why.
At the same time, can you be sure that existing accounts are truly satisfied?
Our client services provide intelligence that alerts businesses to the lessons of failure as well as success.

Working as researchers on your behalf, we ask buyers for a thorough debrief after a sales opportunity is declined. Over time, this produces trend data highlighting exactly where the sales process is going wrong.
Independent probes like these are more likely to provide honest feedback from which to plan your future approach.

Useful insight for sales leaders is feedback from existing accounts. We can interview clients and report the level of satisfaction they feel towards your business. Covering such issues as service delivery, the quality of account management and value for money, it helps manage relationships, alerts you to issues, and prompts positive action sooner rather than later.

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