Blog 5: End of the road or start of a new journey for Sales?

by Mark Erskine, Director of Seller Performance & LIFO® Master Trainer

Is everything just going to become an Internet based transactional process?  Are sales people going to be too expensive a resource to justify?

Fortunately I, and many sales professionals, don’t believe so.  Sales people, however, will need to learn to consciously adapt their skills more than ever and take advantage of the huge growth in knowledge of Neuroscience at every stage of the sales process. This is an area still hugely untapped.  They don’t just need to use adaptive techniques, they need to learn to consciously manage their behavioural style and bake it into their Personal Development Plan.  That help is at hand.

In moving forward sales managers will need to change the type of people they recruit – a stronger “thinking” orientation – evaluative, investigative and analytical  – will be a better natural match to the new breed of buyers.

As an example of this change, a recent study by Adam Grant, Author and Professor of Management & Psychology at Wharton school, University of Pennsylvania (recognised as one of the world’s 25 most influential management thinkers) researched  the results of successful sales people and concluded that the highest revenue generators were what they he termed as “ambiverts” – neither extrovert nor introvert – but midway between the two.  If followed this would certainly start to address the negative impression of sales people that exists particularly here in the UK – characterised by manipulative, dishonest, win at all costs, larger than life, car and insurance sales people.

In the coming days we will share some key lessons and techniques you can practically use within sales teams. But next we will share some of the developments in Neuroscience that are the fundamental basis of these techniques.

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